5 must-haves for every summer closet

by Michaella 10 September, 2018
5 must-haves for every summer closet


Top 5 fashion items for the summer, Weekday bikini, one-piece black swimsuit by Bulgarian Blogger Michaella from Quite a Looker

I guess, I’m still not ready to let summer go, so today I want to look back and share with you some of the top items that I wore the most and basically couldn’t live without. Most of these pieces serve as a recommendation for ultimate classics that can be worn for multiple occassions and are usually very comfortable and stylish.

The one-piece swimsuit

I thought I’m not really a one-piece swimsuit kind of girl but the hype also got me and I decided to go for a fully black, minimalistic one-piece swimsuit by Weekday. Honestly, I loved how comfortable it feels to wear a one-piece, the only downside if of course, that I get tanned quite easily, so I usually switch to bikinis the next day to even up the funny tan lines. And for bikinis I opted out for a similar simple style in olive green from H&M.

The Birkenstocks

Another trend that I also fell into is the Birkenstock sandals. I swear to God, these are sooo comfy and look super laidback, which basically made them my number one shoe for the summer. Plus, they go great with both shorts, dresses and pants (jeans too!). The only drawback is that they’re not really suitable for a party 😀 I bought my Birkenstock sandals in dark blue on sale from Zalando Lounge in the Netherlands for 30 euros, which was such a great deal! Besides from the comfort, I really like the variety of different styles that Birkenstock offer – from sandals to slip-ons, in so many different colour combinations. I think the next pair that I would like to get is in white. What do you think?

The oversized striped shirt

One pretty spontaneous purchase that turned out to be one of the most worn clothes in my closet this season. A unicolour or a simple, striped shirt can be combined with so many different clothes like shorts, dresses, linen pants… It’s perfect for both chilly beach evenings or to cover yourself from the sun on the beach. You can even try out with a male shirt (maybe steal one from your boyfriend) to try out how to style it? I got mine from H&M.

The cotton shorts

Back in June when I was shopping for my trip to Beijing, I got a pair of cotton shorts from H&M just to have something comfy to wear for around the hostel. What I didn’t realize was that these shorts were so comfy that I ended up wearing them throughout the whole trip 😀 Later on, I got another pair again from H&M in light beige with a high waist that was my go to item for evening walks on the seaside. Best purchase ever!

The black jumpsuit

Coming back to my beloved Weekday, I got this wide pants jumpsuit back in July and I adore it! The fabric is super sleek and heavy, so it doesn’t really leave space for any fold lines! I usually wear it with sneakers but I’m sure that it will look great with high heels too (not that I’m that type of girl :D). And the best thing is that I got it on sale for 25 euros!!!

What were your must-haves when it comes to clothes and shoes this summer?

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