Summertime Ready

by Lina 2 July, 2017
Summertime Ready

This extremely hot weather lately makes me dream of being by the sea! I can not wait to be on a beach in Greece with a cold frappe in my hand. I am so summertime ready! Until then, however, I am preparing my skin and hair for the strong sun and summer emotions. Here are a few products that have attracted my attention and I have definitely been using a lot lately to get me summertime ready.

How do I care for my skin this summer? If you are still with white legs like me, a quick and easy way to catch up with the chocolate suntan is by using Vichy Capital Soleil Bronzing Body Milk. Enriched with vitamin E, the milk gives a pleasant golden complexion and gentle shine to my skin in just a few hours. It is easy to apply and has a long-lasting effect lasting up to 5-6 days. A tip from me – take a shower, dry your skin well and apply a greasy cream on your palms to avoid tanning between your fingers. Vichy’s Bronzing Milk is suitable for your face and body, it has a very pleasant summer smell and strong hydrating qualities. Once you open it, you can use the tube for up to 12 months.

More than before, I use body oil after taking a shower. I love the silken touch and the soft feeling of my skin after applying. I finished a bottle of NUXE body oil recently and now I’m in love with René Furterer’s 5 Sens Oil. 5 Sens Oil is a gorgeous combination of essential oils and botanical extracts, which not only smells divine but also nourishes the skin and hair. This dry oil absorbs very quickly and deepens moisture thanks to its combination of jojoba oil, sweet almond, avocado, saffron and ricin. The luxurious glass bottle contributes to the pleasant experience!

If you have thin and greasy hair like me, it is not advisable to use the dry oil. Instead, I’d recommend that you use another sunny summer product that smells amazing of vibrant oriental touches. The nourishing and hydrating 3 in 1 Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil is a highly concentrated cream, enriched with argan oil and vitamin E, as well as almond oil known for its soothing properties. Over the past two months, I used it by putting a little on the edges of my hair before drying it. The result is noticeably reduced damaged ends, the cream does not make my hair greasy, but remains only at the ends. My hair is alive, well-nourished and easy to comb due to the argan oil in its composition. Personally, I use the cream at the end of my hair styling, but Loreal gives you two more applications to suit your needs – application as intensive care before using a shampoo and use as a rinse-off conditioner.

The regular use of the three products and freshening up my look with Loréal varnishes (604 and 406) definitely contributes to my good mood this summer! Which are your top 3 products?

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the secret whisperer 28 July, 2017 - 02:56

The Vichy Bronzing milk sounds perfect for me as I look so pasty at the moment (this is a really great post!)


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