Hair product favourites: Vichy & Kérastase

by Lina 18 February, 2016
Hair product favourites: Vichy & Kérastase

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Kérastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying oil cream, 150ml (approx. 30€)

Starting with this great styling product by Kérastase! You should be familiar with the brand and that it offers a variety of great professional hair products. That’s why the products are a bit more expensive but their quality and results are amazing and worth every penny. I’ve been using the oil cream for quite some time now and can without a doubt say that it’s a perfect styling product for a frizzy and wild hair. First of all, it nourishes and untangles the hair, making it easier to comb after a shower (apply it on wet hair!). Also, after I dry out my hair it seems sleekier and shinier than with just a normal leave-in conditioner. The product has a very pleasant smell, it’s not sticky and its texture is soft and watery. I had read a lot of good reviews about the Elixir Oil Cream before trying it out and unsurprisingly my review turned out very positive as well! Check out this baby, your hair will thank you!


Vichy Dercos Nourishing & Reparative Hair Mask, 200ml (approx. 15€)

I have a soft spot for the Nourishing & Reparative line by Vichy since I have already tried the shampoo and conditioner and adored them! I wanted to give the hair mask a try as well and see how it will work on my hair. Nourishes and softens my hair immediately after I wash it off and what’s also great is that I don’t even need to apply any product afterwards to untangle it. Definitely a perfect product for hair that is damaged and needs extra care and hydration, which doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. Just apply it in the shower after the shampoo and/or conditioner, wait 5 mins and wash it off. It’s very easy and fast but the results are mindblowing. Combine it with the shampoo and conditioner from the same line and you’ll be amazed by how good and healthy your hair can look! You can thank me later!

If you need some other recommendations and guidelines on how to take care of your hair, especially if it’s damaged check out my tips here.

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Emily 18 February, 2016 - 16:45

I really want to try the Kerastase one! I’ve heard great things about it.

enrica 18 February, 2016 - 23:33

nice products!



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