Rogé Cavaillès

by Michaella 25 January, 2016
Rogé Cavaillès

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The latest beauty brand that I have been testing out is Rogé Cavaillès, a french hygiene and body care for delicate, sensitive skin that can be found in most pharmacies in town. I’ve been trying out the brand’s top products and would like to share with you some impressions.I’m starting with

I’m starting with Rogé Cavaillès Velveting Shower Oil – the shower oil that contains no soap. It cleanses gently and is specially designed for sensitive skin. It enriches and protects the skin with its active ingredients among which are sweet almond and argan oils. And above all, it smells amazing of a tasty desert! I recommend daily use as the products is very delicate and soft, protecting the skin from aggressive factors.

I received a tester of the Rogé Cavaillès Shea Butter & Magnolia Shower Cream, and so my impressions are a bit scarce. I am a Shea butter absolute fan – it acts as a natural barrier against the cold, unfriendly weather outside. Not that it keeps me warm, but using products with it, definitely protect my skin from getting all bumpy and dry from the low temperatures. The Shea Butter & Magnolia Shower Cream contains that rich formula for an absolute shield against the cold. It nourishes dry and sensitive skin and smells of the beautiful magnolia flower.

Now, a few words about the Deo-Care Spray. I got a mini-sized one to carry around in my bag, which always comes in handy. The spray leaves no white marks so you and your black shirt can stay fresh and safe all day. Again, the product is designed for sensitive skin and is enriched with micro-talc for effective wetness absorption. For the ladies, who are not constantly stressed and so do not need a very strong deo-spray, the product would serve as a nice change to the usual Dove or Rexona deodorants.

Lastly, here’s a type of product I have never given a review before. I’m talking about intimate care. Intimate hygiene is a must and every woman should know what product fits her needs the best. The Extra-soft Intimate cleansing care by Rogé Cavaillès is a daily intimate cleanser which preserves your natural balance and according to dermatologists is suitable for over 70% of the women. Also, a plus is the chamomile extract in its formula. I personally like it and would buy it again!



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