Cozy times with Nuxe

by Michaella 17 January, 2016
Cozy times with Nuxe

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There’s nothing better than spending a cozy day at home on a cold, snowy winter weekend. What I enjoy the most is spending time for myself which mainly includes beauty treatments and relaxation. Manicures, pedicures, hair masks, face masks, scrubs… all that while watching movies and drinking tea! This weekend it was time to try out a new face mask that I recently discovered: Nuxuriance Ultra Roll-On Mask, 50ml (37€)*. According to Nuxe, due to the saffron and bougainvillea bi-floral cells as well as hyaluronic acid ingredients, the mask has an instant lifting and radience effect on the skin. The brand claims that after a month the skin looks fresher, re-plumped and firmer, whereas the overall appearance of the face is remodeled and more radient. The mask is applied using the roll-on applicator and has to be left on the face for approximately 10 mins. Afterwards, use a cotton pad soaked with lotion or micellar water to remove the product. In my opinion, after using the mask a few times I can say that it definitely has a refreshing and nourishing touch right after using it. The texture is soft and watery, doesn’t have a sticky finish and doesn’t cause any irritations or redness. I cannot confirm any of the longterm effects that the brand claims, however I am certain that the instant ones are impressive! The only drawback, in my opinion, is the roll-on applicator which got stuck a few times and did not roll as smoothly as I expected. The mask is suitable for all skin types and could be used both during the day and in the evenings before going to bed.

As I have shared with you hundreds of times, my most favourite product by Nuxe is definitely the multipurpose dry oil. It smells amazing, soaks up fast and nourishes my skin perfectly. It can be used for the face, body and hair, which makes it the perfect travel product! This summer I tried a sample of the Shimmering Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, 100ml (32,70€)* and couldn’t get enough of the glow on my skin! Definitely one of my top body products, especially for the summer. It smells great, which lasts for a long time, softens and illuminates my skin. The spray bottle (just like mine on the photo) is more handy and economical- it’s gonna last a long time, I’m telling you!

So, take some time off this weekend and spend it on yourself at home with your favourite beauty products! If you are looking for new additions, I could without a doubt recommend these two Nuxe products that would give you and your body a luxurious feeling and pleasant results!


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Mercedes Marie 18 February, 2016 - 22:26

lOVE YOUR MINIMALISTIC STYLE. I’ve been dying to do product shots like this. What’s your secret?

Mercedes Marie


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