My SOS Hair Repair Routine

by Lina 6 January, 2019
My SOS Hair Repair Routine

A few months back I took a brave step forward and totally switched my career path. This led to lots of stress and worries. The result of such stress was irritation, bad mood, and anxiety as well as noticeable hair loss. I got stressed from thinking I should stop being stressed. I went to a dermatologist only to find out that stress causes hair loss, duh… He also explained it with improper care and lack of vitamins. So here is how I fought hair loss and made my hair look and feel stronger again.

Shampoo & Daily Vitamins

First things first, I realized there is nothing more importnat than my health. So I decided that I will be determined but not stressed over what I do. For my hair, my dermatologist prescribed Swiss hair loss treatment – Revalid Revitalizing Protein Shampoo and Revalid Hair Loss 90 Capsules for a period of 3 months. For the first 10 days, I took the capsules 4 times daily, then I went down to 3 pills per day. As for the shampoo, I can totally say it is my all time favorite – it makes my hair thicker and stronger, washed off dirt with even a drop of product and makes amazing foam! Not to forget it smells great and can be used every day. I totally love it and will keep using it for sure! 

Hair Oils

Secondly, I introduced a magical hair oil in my routine – the Apivita Hair Loss night serum. I use it 2-3 times weekly right before bedtime. These Greek oils absolutely do the magic and are very easy to wash off. The result is nourished and moisturized silky hair.


Lastly, the hair product I use least regularly is a hair mask I discovered through a friend. She advised on a hair therapy with Trivitaminol – a combination of vitamins given to animals for stronger and shinier fur. I use it once or twice per season, usually autumn and spring, when my hair is more prone to getting thin and lose vitality. The whole procedure is a bit messy, but I only get to do it a few times, so no big deal. After the treatment, my hair feels like it is lifted right up from the roots!

Haircuts and happy life

All in all, regular haircuts in addition to my three step routine help me grow a silky, stronger hair. Two months into this regime, I see baby hair showing and my hair being healthier and much stronger! Would love to know how you give extra support to your hair. 🙂

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