Are sheet masks really worth the hype?

by Michaella 29 October, 2018
Are sheet masks really worth the hype?

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I have used quite a lot of different face masks and brands (some of my favorites include Vichy Mineral Masks, L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask and Lush Rosy Cheeks) but honestly, I had rarely used sheet masks until the hype around them started! I just always thought they were much more expensive for their purpose and in comparison to other available options. After I tried out a few Korean ones, I started to understand why people were obsessing over them. Aaaand for the past few months, I’ve been stacking on some face masks that I wanted to share with you, so here they come! Some I bought myself, some were sent to us for PR purposes, others were gifts from friends that turned out to be real treasures! Watsons Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial mask and Watsons Pomegranate Repairing & Hydrating Facial mask and Garden Snow Banana Talk Mask and Oh!K Sleep mask review by beauty blogger Quite a Looker

Asian face masks rule!

I bought a couple of different sheet masks from Beijing that I really liked and thought were worth sharing! Firstly, I found Watsons Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial mask super refreshing, it definitely hydrated my skin deeply and left it silky soft and plumped. The other one from the same brand that I tried, Watsons Pomegranate Repairing & Hydrating Facial mask also worked in refreshing my tired face and skin. The Garden Snow Banana Talk Mask I found more suitable for the days when my skin produced more sebum and basically was much more oily and shiny. This one had a more mattifying effect and wasn’t as hydrating as the previous two. And one final product that I really fell in love with, is the Sleep mask by Oh K!, which comes in a 20ml packaging, suitable for more than 5-6 uses. In my case it was 10, I guess because I didn’t put too much. The mask seriously did wonders every morning after I used it, so I’m looking to test other products by the brand. Hit me up with some recommendations if you have tried any cool ones! Bioré charcoal nose pore strips and PACKage Melt me softly blackhead mask review by beauty blogger Quite a Looker

Nose patches

At least twice a month I also use a nose patch or a mask against blackheads that deeply cleanses the clogged pores on and around my nose. I bought the Bioré charcoal pore strips from Beijing and must say that I really like how they work – they do remove most of my blackheads and leave the area soft and even. I also tried the PACKage Melt me softly mask that is suitable for the whole face against blackheads and must say that I didn’t really see a significant effect, plus I felt a bit of a burning sensation around my nose, so I woundn’t really recommend it. Purederm collagen eye zone mask and Klorane smoothing and relaxing eye patches review by beauty blogger Quite a Looker

Eye patches

I watched a few YouTube tutorials about how to make your skin/face look radiant and naturally beautiful without any makeup and one of the key things was not just face masks but eye patches. My biggest problem when I decide not to wear make up is the huge dark circles and bags under my eyes. No matter what I do, they’re always there.. But I found a good enough solution for now, which is eye patches and cold treatments, which help to make me look more awake and less tired. There are two options that I can recommend, Purederm collagen eye zone mask is super affordable (I found it in the drugstore closeby) and contains 30 sheets that work more in terms of hydration, whereas Klorane’s smoothing and relaxing patches* are a more expensive version but have a very visible effect in hiding deep eye bags. Uriage Water Night Mask and Nuxe Creme fraiche de beaute hydrating face mask review by beauty blogger Quite a Looker

But why only sheet masks?

I like sheet masks because they don’t require to rinse them out with water and usually I’m in a hurry or just too lazy to wait more than 10mins. But when I do have the time, I like to use deeply hydrating masks like Nuxe Créme fraiche de beauté*, which smells amazing and has a very soft texture. It is a bit more slimmy, which means it’s harder to rinse off but it is exactly this texture that makes my skin really soft and plump. Another pretty cool product that I discovered is Uriage Water sleeping mask*, which is made for the weeks when you just don’t have the time for a face mask but your skin needs the moisture. I just apply it on a bare face before I go to bed and in the morning after I rinse out whatever is left, my skin doesn’t even need a moisturizer. I definitely like it a lot, although I’ve heard that other bloggers have mixed feelings about it. Do you have any experience with the forementioned products? Or maybe you can recommend some other cool (sheet) masks that do wonders? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram @quitealooker :)) *PR package. Opinions are honests and not sponsored.

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