Back to school with Microsoft Ink

by Michaella 5 October, 2017
Back to school with Microsoft Ink

Тази статия също е публикувана на български.

Many of you probably wonder what’s up with us and why we haven’t been so active recently. Well, I personally (Michaella) need to share something with you, which you probably have noticed already if you follow us on Instagram. I am back in Holland (Rotterdam) to continue with my education that I started 4 year ago! After successfully graduating from a bachelor’s programme, I have now started with a master in my most desired area – digital marketing. The university that I’m enrolled in is the same (Erasmus University Rotterdam) but I major in Rotterdam School of Management, one of the top business schools in Europe! Wow, right?!

Sounds awesome but it takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I find less time to be more active as a blogger. But I’m really trying… That is why today Lina and I decided to share something really cool that might turn out pretty useful to you, especially since the school year has already started!

Today we try out and present Windows Ink through our experience. In a few words, Windows Ink is an extension to the operating system Windows 10 (sorry, Mac users :D), which allows using a special digital pen for a variety of useful and creative means on your device with a sensor display. The pen itself looks like a normal one but the difference is tremendous. It has a button on each side which basically function as those of a normal computer mouse. The functions of Windows Ink entail:

  • creating and editing documents in Word and PowerPoint
  • solving mathematical equations in OneNote
  • drawing and sketching

In other words, whatever you work or study, Windows Ink will prove to be very handy and useful for you. For me editing and adding additional notes to documets and presentations is definitely a great option for lectures. And the best thing is that you can handwrite using the digital pen and the programme will immediately recognize the words and automatically turn them into digital text.

Moreover, you can underline, mark and select different components of the texts, presentations and documents that you read. Very handy for everyone who usually works with digital books and documents. I personally study with those means since most of my books and articles are electronically available and I really don’t see the point why I would buy or print tons of paper every other month.

Maybe the most creative element of Windows Ink is the drawing and sketching part. We mostly used the screenshot option to select an image online and then draw over it. For those of you more serious in that area, Windows Ink allows you to draw using a digital ruler in PowerPoint for more precision and geometric schemes. There are a lot of different apps compatible with the pen, Photoshop being the most useful for us for sure.

We’re not really into maths but bare in mind that Windows Ink allows you to solve mathematical equations and presents to you the steps to the final solution! I wish that were available while I was in school, maybe I would have performed better in math class…

Overall, we liked Windows Ink a lot since it makes Office programmes much easier to work with and we actually use them on a daily basis. Take into account though that the overall performance and speed of the function heavily depends on the device (laptop/tablet) that you’re using and it’s characteristics.

Learn more about Windows Ink here.


*This post is in collaboration with Microsoft Bulgaria

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