When in Rome

by Lina 30 April, 2017
When in Rome

Rome’s magic gets you from the moment you step into it – the yellow-tinted buildings, the smell of orange trees in blossom, the vibrant way the city moves. Thought I’d share some useful insights just to prep you for a visit.

Here are 9 tips which will prepare you for an amazing trip:

  1. Visit Rome in spring. Late April and May is the perfect time to plan your trip when the temperatures are still bearable. Autumn would also be a good choice.
  2. Comfortable shoes. Walking can be super long and exhausting, especially if you’re staying for a long weekend and you aim at seeing the main sights. So be smart and pack your comfiest shoes. What worked for me is to also bring flip flops and change along the way as overheating is also possible.
  3. The blooming orange trees. Look around and the notice nature living and breathing in Rome’s every corner. I personally fell in love with the huge and green trees, but also with the smaller ones such as the orange trees. They were just in bloom and their scent was enchanting! <3
  4. Attend the Pope’s prayer at 12 o’clock on a Sunday. As the saying goes you wouldn’t really have been to Rome, unless you saw the Pope. Getting the metro to Vatican city is quick and easy, and the sight of this Sunday Italian ritual is just amazing. There are thousands of people eager to get on the Vatican square and catch a glimpse of the Pope while listening to his wisdom. Though not a religious person myself, I appreciate such sights when I see them!
  5. Buy tickets for the Vatican city in advance and have them printed. One thing you figure out the 1st day in Rome is the huge number of tourists. There are queues for almost every big attraction and sometimes standing in these lines could take up to 2-3 hours. So be smart and have your tickets purchased and printed in advance. Yes, printed. Vatican museum staff cannot read barcodes on phones yet.
  6. Skip the line to Colosseum. To skip the line and enter the Colosseum faster, go through the Roman Forum first. The Roman Forum is actually a lot prettier and diverse in my opinion, so if you don’t really want to go to the Colosseum, that’s okay. You’re Not missing much. You can take a great photo in front of it from the Roman Forum though.
  7. Al Forno della Soffitta. Make a reservation as the place is very popular among Italians. Although there are many places to stop by and have some tasty food, you must stop by Al Forno della Soffitta. My advice is that you try their pizza and mussels in red sauce. White wine’s amazing as well!
  8. Be selective. Going for a weekend? Get used to the idea you will not see all and will dream of going back soon after. Plan your trip so you see the best attractions and don’t aim for seeing each and every church and cathedral. There are more than 900 churches in Rome!
  9. Use metro. You will find it easy and cheap to get to the main sights, plus it saves you some of the walking.

So that’s my tips for a spring trip to Rome. Even totally unprepared, this city in definitely worth the visit! <3

kisses, Lina

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