by Lina 10 December, 2016

img_9559L’Oréal introduces a completely new product on the market – Pure Clay mask. The soft black mousse is meant for cleansing and refreshing the skin at least 2 times a week. It removes uncleanliness and impurity from the pores, leaving the skin revitalized and extra smooth. The natural clay in it absorbs excess sebum, while the combination of minerals helps eliminate imperfections. I love how fresh and glowy my skin feels after!


Spa season has begun! This is why I finally get to use some of the latest products from Rituals I got for my birthday. The Rituals Company has been in my heart for the last couple of years with their original smells and packaging. Here’s how I get my daily dose of happiness – I take a shower with Happy Buddha. The texture is so soft and dense! You only need a small dose of this sweet citrus foam to get in a good mood. Cedar wood scent is added for extra warm and cozy sensation. Love it!

img_9549I fell in love with the packaging of this mini perfume. The cap is light wooden block, the bottle and contents – light pink. This lovely flower perfume reminds me of spring and blossoming trees. The main notes are wild orchid, cotton musk and Himalayan Peony. Though it doesn’t last long on this skin, I carry it around in my purse and apply from time to time.

img_9556Light-based hand and nail cream for everyday use with essential oils and extracts from apricot, corn, rice, sunflower, rosehip, macadamia and coriander. Macadamia is definitely one of my favorite ingredients in cosmetics, and it’s super delicious too! After application, the skin feels soft and hydrated. My work desk hand cream for this winter.

img_9562Sculpting is probably the most difficult part of my makeup. I usually do it with a bronzer in a darker shade but this product really comes in handy. Using the proper brush and knowing how and where to apply is the key. Blend in well after. If is also possible to sculpt the eyes, nose and neck areas.

img_9560Cicaplast – the skin care line of La Rorche-Posay for skin recovery. I recommend to anyone with damaged lips the product from the same range. Here, the face and body balm serves as an add-on and is designed for skin irritations all over the body. You have a patch, chapping or a wound you’d like to heal fast? Clean the area and apply Cicaplast Baume B5 a few times a day. The product is good for even the most sensitive baby skin. I have tested it with bruises and small wounds and it works magic.

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